Saturday, October 22, 2011

A homemade kids vampire costume for the record books

Guest post written by Sarah Jones

I've always loved sewing and don't hesitate to break out my sewing machine whenever my kids need a costume or something mended. I think that they know that and especially appreciate it when Halloween rolls around every year. This year my son told me that he wanted to dress up as a vampire, but as a kid vampire. He told me that he wanted his outfit to be really cool, so I started thinking about it a few weeks ago and have started working on it.

He really loves space and rocket ships, so I thought that it would be cool to make him a cape with a lining of fabric with space ships all over it. I used my Clear Wireless Internet 4G to find a good pattern for a cape and set to work on it.

When I told him my idea for it, he was so impressed! So far the homemade kids vampire costume is looking so cute, but cool to an 8-year-old boy. I just have to get him some fangs and he'll be set!


  1. The first and most element to do is determining how easy or complicated you want your creature of the night outfit and cosmetics to be.

  2. Happy Halloween!!
    I think it is not easy to made a costume for kids it takes lots of time!!!

    Dr Clark